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Satan, Satan, I made him out of clay. His surname is Janice. :)


Name: Laura :)

Act your age: oh god no...that means i'd have to be uptight like my boyfriends friends...

Where do you live? tampa fl, part of the penis of the US...(well-hung though, if i do say so myself..)

WHY?!? for some reason men keep me here...

Where would you rather live? hmmm...Ocean Avenue? (*giggle*)

What bands make you like them? Yellowcard, Matchbox 20, Evanescence, Lostprophets, lotsa country, lotsa pop-crap :)

What do your hands smell like? dirt though...

What's the best show you've been to/played? hmmm...Machine Head??

Drugs? nopes :) i'm naturally this goofy :)

Why/Why not? cuz everyone else is doin it :P

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions?*is now disturbed*...

How board are you? flat and green?

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? mmhmm :) did you notice my reference to a chalkboard?

What's your current eye color? brown, cuz my dad says i'm fulla shit :)

Do you have lucky anything? apparantly not...and if i do, it doesnt work very well..

Any birthmarks? hehe...funnily enough, i have a light brown one right above my ass-crack...i swear its a birthmark!! scrubbing doesnt work!!

What's your favorite body part? i think the small of the*shrugs and has no idea*...i like feet though..

Are you a vegan/vegetarian? nopes :)

Do you own supercool sunglasses? nah, i prefer to be one of those morons that just uses their hands to block the sun..

When did you last shower/bathe? this morning :)

What does your user name mean? when i started on LJ, i didnt have an invite code, so to post in my friends journals, i always used pink font (the only html i ever learned) so they'd know it was me :)

What is your preference, blue or black ink? pink :)

Who is your favorite cereal mascot? Spongebob has his own cereal now, so i choo-choo-choose him :)

Do you like Rod Stewart? erm, no.

What are you views on...

Hipbones ©: hipbones? as in those things seen on anorexic skankyskinny chicks? eh. they ARE kinda sexy on guys though..

Loove: the 2 o's have me confused, but i think love sucks more than its good :P

Current Music: Yellowcard - Way Away (acoustic), followed by Broken by Seether ft. Amy Lee (is it bad that i'm 22 and thats whats on my playlist??)

Abortion: oh dear, i'm not gettin into that..

Gay Rights: go for it if it floats your boat..

Seperation of Church and State: *shrugs* i used to be religious, so i'm not sure where i stand on this one..

President: i dont vote so i cant bitch :)

Animals: they rock!! :) i have a tarantula and a doggie and a snakie :) (the last 2 are my boyfriends, but i'm getting em in the custody battle :P hehe)

Sex Ed.: hehe..i didnt get to take more than like, 1 class of it...but Cosmo is amazing :P

Ambiguity:, sexual ambiguity, or like, word/sentance ambiguity? or is this an ironic trick question..?

Tight Pants: haha...Wranglers are only allowed if you're into country...if you're just some dude that doesnt know how to dress, then, um, no.

Canadians: i dont have much to say aboot them.

Cat Ladies: this chick i used to work with is gonna end up being one. heh.

Feminism: okay, sure.

Piercings: lil 14g's cry out for attention (and 12g spiked barbells!!)

Communism: thanks.

Pan and Pomosexuality: er...people are scared of that which they do not know about...*is scared*

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: heh, i could be straightedge except for the fact that i swear and engage in pre-marital sex, but other than that, i'm sXe all the way!! (hehe..)

O, and where did you find us, good sir? 42nd_paradigm's LJ...hope she doesnt think i'm weird and stalkery..</font>
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