Late October (sanguinethinker) wrote in arctic_sperm,
Late October

Ever since I applied for Emily's spermy community, I had been thinking about my stand on abortion. [remember how it asked for your view on abortion, etc?] Well, I use to be undecided.  But no longer am.  After considering both sides of the great abortion debate, I have come to the conclusion that I'm anti-abortion.  I mean, I still can see why there are so many pro-choice people in the world.  It may seem like thse answer at times. [ie: if you were to have been raped or a victim of incest]... but in the end, abortion really is murder.

And here's some icky pictures.  They may be considered disturbing...but they are also entirely true.

 2 months.

  It's all dismembered now.

  Each of these containers hold the remains of a baby killed by abortion.


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