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Satan, Satan, Satan, I made him out of clay;

(I decided to be creative with the end punctuation)
Name: FlyingIsthmus

Act your age:
no, I've been told I act like a toddler and a middle aged person. go figure

Where do you live?
Somewhere in the Vicinity of Nowhere

Because I didn't reach the height requirement for everywhere else?

Where would you rather live?
Somewhere? hehe, Somewhere with Snow.

What bands make you like them?
Ones that aren't falsely angry or sad or 'seductive'

What do your hands smell like?
soap! for now...

What's the best show you've been to/played?
...i once was forced to dance to Thriller. People loved me.


Why/Why not?
Never been offered/don't want to screw things up worse than they are now

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions?
excretions you say? why that is my very business! I look at peoples excretions and I say, "hmm, now that is a mighty fine excretion if i do say so myself."

How board are you?
I would not say I am very board seeing as that is a noun...

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? immediately
I'm never bored, my head is too busy

What's your current eye color?

Do you have lucky anything?
I have lucky appendages.

Any birthmarks?
no, but I've got a couple burnmarks

What's your favorite body part?
I can't pick...

Are you a vegan/vegetarian?
No, and I think it's pretty ridiculous to be one. that is unless your father was devoured by a bear whose father had been devoured by a man.
then I would not eat bear.
discontinue the cycle.

Do you own supercool sunglasses?

When did you last shower/bathe?

What does your user name mean?
everything and nothing. I've never heard of it though.

What is your preference, blue or black ink?
Depends, if I'm writing on a paper with blue lines, black, if I'm writing on a paper with black ink, blue,

Who is your favorite cereal mascot?
hmmmmm, I rather despise them all...
probably Tony the Tiger for his sheer arrogance (arrogant bastard)
plus I've translated his song to French

Do you like Rod Stewart?
Don't know the fellow.

What are you views on...

Hipbones ©: beautiful

Loove: In Paris? oh, that's fine, never been there though

Current Music: I love what I'm listening to currently. hate what most people are listening to.

Abortion: a woman's right

Gay Rights: that gay people should have them.

Seperation of Church and State: is good, they didn't make a very good couple

President: "picking the president is picking the lesser of two evils" I think we probably did not pick the lesser

Animals: yum. hehehe, jk, animals are cool

Sex Ed.: isn't specific enough. they should teach more applicable info

Ambiguity: reguarding what? the very topic is ambiguous!

Tight Pants: annoying

Canadians: either much more or much less evil than people make them out to be

Cat Ladies: should shave

Feminism: yay women

Piercings: for the most part belong in ears

Communism: sounds good in theory

Pan and Pomosexuality: "the suffusion of all experience and conduct with erotic feeling"? well, sounds good I guess, if you have that kind of energy
or tenacity

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: eh?

O, and where did you find us, good sir? ...on a map on the back of the Constitution.
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