i cut your head off and put it in my tv set (ourbloodandhow) wrote in arctic_sperm,
i cut your head off and put it in my tv set

Name: ivana

Act your age: 2. and 40.

Where do you live? canada.

WHY?!? cos america is scary. no really, cos this is where my parents put me.

Where would you rather live? new zealand. they have birds that dont fly and have FUR. FUR!

What bands make you like them? they might be giants. their name. their lyrics. "not to put too fine a point on it, say I'm the only bee in your bonnet, make a little birdhouse in your soul!"

What do your hands smell like? cigarettes.

What's the best show you've been to/played? le tigre. with the gossip opening. i had the bestest time.

Drugs? in moderation.

Why/Why not? the unanswerable question.

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions? yeah. changing a baby.

How board are you? board? checker board.

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? i did! haha!


Do you have lucky anything? oh fuck yes. i'm super lucky. neptunes my planet baby.

Any birthmarks? yup. connect the dots.

What's your favorite body part? on me? or someone else? on me... i like my tummy. i have a sanskrit written mantra in a semi circle under my bellybutton. and it's soft. fuckers.

Are you a vegan/vegetarian? no! but i used to be both.

Do you own supercool sunglasses? yes! white framed bug eyed ones. and black mod ones. they are sweet

When did you last shower/bathe? this morning! i had 15 minutes before i had to make a dash to the busstop!oh dear! says snuffalopogus.i spelled that wrong i think :\

What does your user name mean? its modest mouse lyrics.

What is your preference, blue or black ink? BLACKSDLF

Who is your favorite cereal mascot? the honey nut cheerios bee.

Do you like Rod Stewart? no

What are you views on...


Loove: dancing to cheesy dance/techno/ambient stuff

Current Music: Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name

Abortion: its the ladies choice! her body!

Gay Rights: for them. equal rights regardless of sexual preference.

Seperation of Church and State: for. we must recognize the fact that not everyone leads a relgious existence, and respect that.

President: bush? suck my fuck?

Animals: cute. cute. love em. they can stay.
even plastic animals.

even dead ones. (*note - i did not harm this bat.)

Sex Ed.: for. very important.

Ambiguity: the ambiguiously gay duoooooo danananana

Tight Pants: oh you mean this? ??
hellz yes.

Canadians: I AM A CANADIAN :)

Cat Ladies: cat ladies?

Feminism: for. i have a feminist tattoo hehehe

Piercings: for. if you like em..

Communism: i'm down with che.

Pan and Pomosexuality: i havent a clue as to what this is.. someone tell me?

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: scenesters used to piss me off.. as did straightedgers.. i just think scenes where kids think they're better than other people are lame.. but now i have a number of scenester and straightedger friends.. they're cool. hey we're all the same, ya know?

O, and where did you find us, good sir? good madam! through my zine interest link!

That is all.

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