Modesty Blaise (modesty_blaise) wrote in arctic_sperm,
Modesty Blaise

Satan, Satan, Satan-I made him out of clay.

Name: Anna Kaisa Orvokki Paldanius

Act your age: 17 (I wish.)

Where do you live? Manchester, UK

WHY?!? 'Cause my own country is cold, dark and boring and the guys here in England are lot easier and so much more shaggable.

Where would you rather live? Hmm. Naples, Italy. Or Paris or maybe Berlin.

What bands make you like them? The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, The Mars Volta...

What do your hands smell like? Cigarettes (eww!)

What's the best show you've been to/played? I played a gig with my high school band back in 1999. We played Paranoid by Black Sabbath and a hit by a Finnish punk band. It was amazing. The crowd tried to pretend to look bored and go out for a ciggie.

Drugs? Only organic ones.

Why/Why not? Because I believe chemicals harm your body and I try to restric the amount of the intake of them to minium.

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions? Yes, well, I don't have a penis but I have felt quite a few bulges... Oh, what the bloody hell? I read "erections"! What's an excretion then?

How board are you? I'm very board. As a matter of fact, I couldn't be any boarder.

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? Oh you meant bored...

What's your current eye color? Greyblue with the whites actually being red (too much weed, man).

Do you have lucky anything? I have my lucky...fringe?

Any birthmarks? Yeah, one cute tiny one on my hip. No, I don't mean the tattoo.

What's your favorite body part? My own or others? Nipples. My own and others.

Are you a vegan/vegetarian? No.

Do you own supercool sunglasses? Yeah, actually I do. Three pairs.

When did you last shower/bathe? Erm, sometime last week, I think.

What does your user name mean? It's a cartoon and pulp fiction character.

What is your preference, blue or black ink? Black is the new black.

Who is your favorite cereal mascot? The Honey Puff Monster is certainly the scariest.

Do you like Rod Stewart? Some of his earlier songs are ok, but I don't fancy him.

What are you views on...

Hipbones ©: V. sexy

Loove: It's there waiting for me to find it.

Current Music: THe UK indie rock is is abso-fucking-lutely spanking brilliant atm.

Abortion: A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

Gay Rights: Yeah, well, we're all from the same ape anyway, so what's the point in defying every minority or majority group's own rights, couldn't we just live in peace and harmony as the individuals we are?

Seperation of Church and State: Coming from an at least 50% Commie family and having been seceded from the church when I turned 18 I must say they're both utter bollocks.

President: Finland has the best ugliest female president on the planet.

Animals: I like anything furry and cute. Tarantulas don't count as cute.

Sex Ed.: Bring it on!

Ambiguity: V. positive, though too much is not good.

Tight Pants: On Jack White - Yes Please!

Canadians: Blame Canada! Naw, Canadians are the poor people who have had the misfortune of being born to a country neighbouring the States.

Cat Ladies: Anyone with too many pets is scary.

Feminism: Let them lezzies rebel, some of them are pretty hot.

Piercings: As always less is more. But in general I like piercings. Especially tongue-ones.

Communism: Da, Comrade.

Pan and Pomosexuality: As with gay rights, what's the real problem here? Just let love rule, man.

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: Well' I have to admit I'm a bit of an indie scenester myself, so...

O, and where did you find us, good sir? Random searh with the interest 'indie rock'. Thank fuck for that.

That's all Folks!
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