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Satan, Satan, Satan-I made him out of clay.

Name: Carolyn

Act your age: 14

Where do you live? Duluth, MN

WHY?!? i dont know- probably cause my parents made me move to this freezer... it is growin on me tho, like a bad fungus... jk

Where would you rather live? nyc, london, italy, something interesting

What bands make you like them? red hot chili peppers, modest mouse, the cure, the used, motley crue, incubus, anything hip hop, rock, well... anything but christian and country

What do your hands smell like? right now, black raspberrys cause i just put lotion on

What's the best show you've been to/played? ummm... musically my friends old band one chance, or my other friends old band the flying mushrooms. so yea, one of those.

Drugs? yes'm, i've done some of em... not anything too interesting tho

Why/Why not? cause it looked fun. and it wasnt that big of a deal

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions? well, other than changing dipers, no

How board are you? very

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? kind of, it didnt look right but i didnt really think about it till you mentioned it

What's your current eye color? at the moment blue, but they change to green sometimes

Do you have lucky anything? mmm... i dunno

Any birthmarks? yes, i have one little dot thing on my hip

What's your favorite body part? my boobs of course! jk, i dont really know.

Are you a vegan/vegetarian? no, used to be veggie for 3 years, but now i'm not

Do you own supercool sunglasses? yes i do

When did you last shower/bathe? about an hour ago

What does your user name mean? well, its an explanation of a very complicated feeling when in love that my friend came up with when he was drunk. good times.

What is your preference, blue or black ink? i like black, but blue is good too

Who is your favorite cereal mascot? snap cracle and pop

Do you like Rod Stewart? yes'm

What are you views on...

Hipbones ©: dont really have any

Loove: what about it?

Current Music: 2 of my friends talking to me and red hot chili peppers

Abortion: pro-choice, but not for birth control

Gay Rights: go you!

Seperation of Church and State: i'm all for it. very important

President: i hate him.

Animals:i love them, as far as their rights, i dont belive in testing but as food i'm okay w/ it- as long as its humane

Sex Ed.: i love it, but not when they just teach abstinance

Ambiguity: what about it?

Tight Pants: some people can pull it off, others cant

Canadians: i love em!

Cat Ladies: they can be cool...

Feminism: great- as long as it doesnt go over board

Piercings: they're awesome

Communism: good idea but i'm not sure how well it can work

Pan and Pomosexuality: it all works.

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: ditto

O, and where did you find us, good sir? i intrest searched vodka... yum. lol.
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