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Satan Satan Satan I made him out of clay

Name: Crystal

Act your age: 24(just turned!)

Where do you live? DC area

WHY?!? because my dumbass husband is a Squid

Where would you rather live? NORFOLK, VA my HOME

What bands make you like them? Weezer. Coldplay(i am ashamed to admit this)

What do your hands smell like? white people

What's the best show you've been to/played? MSI. always a good show. i have seen them 3 times in 2 different states :)
Drugs? cocaine is my drug of choice but its been OH SO LONG since i had any :( I'm known to smoke a bit of weed when i go back home tho.

Why/Why not? i cannot explain it. Coke is my dreamlife awake. mmmmm

Have you ever touched your's or anyone else's excretions?yuck. yes.

How board are you? im not made of wood..if u meant b'o'r'e'd not baby is screaming i need to go get him

Did you notice I spelled bored wrong? HAHAHAHA umm yeah!

What's your current eye color? a funky shade of brown

Do you have lucky anything? no

Any birthmarks? on my foot

What's your favorite body part? my fingers

Are you a vegan/vegetarian? hell no if i didnt eat meat id die

Do you own supercool sunglasses? i wear prescription glasses supercool sunglasses are impossible

When did you last shower/bathe? last night

What does your user name mean? i went through an angel phase in high school when i made this journal

What is your preference, blue or black ink? black

Who is your favorite cereal mascot? i dunno..but i love cinnamon toast crunch

Do you like Rod Stewart? not really

What are you views on...

Hipbones ©: i dont have any im chunky

Loove: i lost my love 5 years ago. Now im married and have a baby boy. Love is great if u catch it..dont settle like me.

Current Music: not into mainstream much

Abortion: pro choice but a little less after having my baby. im in between. sometimes it is ok but if ur a crack whore who doesnt know how to use a condom then u deserve to have the kid then put it up for adoption.

Gay Rights: i love gay people to death

Seperation of Church and State: they have always been separate why change?

President: ah god dont get me started...and our new choices arent much better!

Animals: i like cats. but i dont want one in my fucking house as i have a 10 month old.

Sex Ed.: a good class

Ambiguity: hmm.

Tight Pants: im a chunk butt it wouldnt be cute at all

Canadians: i ahve lots of canadians friends on facebook

Cat Ladies: wtf?

Feminism: Iim down with it to a certain extent. let the motherfucker open ur door ya bitch damn

Piercings: loveee them, i miss mine, when i got married i was forced to become a Normal. i had 7..grrrr

Communism: only marxism. the rest is a crock.

Pan and Pomosexuality: no idea wtf that even is

Ok...Scensters and Straightedgers: scensters need to be driven off a cliff into a fiery satan hell pit. straight edgers: if ur not FULL OF SHIT then im down with ur decision. i have known too many of the latter become firece drug addicts so yeah

O, and where did you find us, good sir? i was checking out someone's page and they had you up there and it looked interesting so there you are.
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